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Telegram for Desktop

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Telegram for Desktop

Long before WhatsApp Web was released, Telegram already offered a desktop version of its security-focused email application. It may be light in functions compared to Skype, but it has a few years ahead of WhatsApp, which has not yet launched a desktop client (as noted by the founders). Telegram for Desktop is also available for Mac.

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To use Telegram for your desktop, you must already have an account open in the Android app, iOS or Windows Phone. After verifying the data using a mobile application, you can start chatting.

With the application, you can send messages to mobile contacts easily, send an unlimited number of audio and video files (if you want in batches) and insert emoticons and stickers from world-famous leaders, including Gandhi. Telegram for desktop can also be well integrated with other social networking services (such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter) and shows examples of all the content that you have shared in the application, as well as the references to Instagram or Twitter in these applications. Click data Even so, voice and video calls are not currently available.

Although the contacts in your phone are automatically synchronized with the desktop version, you can also search for additional people using your username. Notification settings can also be changed for each individual contact, so you can effectively disable your friends if they send you too many messages.

One of the strengths of Telegram is the treasure of the group. Unlike other email applications, Telegram may have several administrators. Administrators can edit the photo and group name and add or delete members. With the service you can also create groups of up to 1000 people.

Priority for speed and security

Security has always been the most important distinguishing feature of Telegram and is no different from the desktop version. The messages are encoded in the cloud, but there is no secret chat option (self-destructive, not stored on company servers or transferable) for the desktop version. In terms of security for desktop client access, Telegram for Desktop includes authentication of two factors, so you can configure an additional step to stop unauthorized connections. From the program you can also see all the sites / devices you are connected to and stop individual sessions.

With the acquisition of WhatsApp for Facebook, there are fears about what will happen with user data, this is where Telegram expects to gain ground with its promise not to ever sell user data.

Speed ​​is another important element of Telegram. The sending of a batch of ten photos took place immediately, while the audio and video could also be downloaded and sent very quickly.

Although the desktop version works wrongly with your sisters (secret conversations, voice messages, and group discussions), it’s always a smart messaging service. The messages are synchronized perfectly between the devices and once you see a message on a device, it is marked as read to the other, which means that you do not need to manage several notifications.

Whatyou say?

Telegram is a credible alternative to WhatsApp, especially since it still does not have a desktop client. Because privacy and security are essential for usersTelegram has consolidated a strong position in the market today. The desktop client is not as complete as other free alternatives like Viber, Line and Skype, but if it’s the speed and security you’re looking for, this is the application that suits you.

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