FIFA 14 for x64-x86 torrent

FIFA 14 for x64-x86 torrent
FIFA 14 for

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FIFA 14 for

This application can no longer be downloaded. Instead, check out FIFA 15 UT for Windows 8.
Finally, FIFA 14 is available for Windows 8. EA places great emphasis on Final Team, while other types of games are only available through in-app purchases. FIFA 14 has a nice game interface and a new touch (function () {(‘preview-page-page-desktop’);});
This edition of Windows 8 is a discounted version for smartphones, great for touchscreen devices and very different in terms of service and technical quality compared to the FIFA 14 version for laptops.

Final team and applications in the program
FIFA 14 allows you to play in the Finals, Weekly Games, Help Your Club, Penalty and Online.
Techniques are forcing other players around the world through multiplayer service. Try to defeat them and rise to the leaderboard!
Manager, contest, and launch modes can only be opened through in-app purchases.
Like PCs and taper consoles, FIFA 14 for iPhone also returns match of the day – a feature that lets you think about events around the world. You can see injuries when players are in shape or technique change; they are displayed in the game regularly along with important updates to the squad structure.
FIFA 14 in Windows 8 perfectly supports Final Team status, which allows you to create and manage real teams. You can auction to buy and sell players trying to grow your team and community. In fact, you can participate in games and competitions with your Ultimate team. If you win, you will receive tips and money to buy new cards to improve your team.
FIFA 14 supports 33 leagues (Serie A, La Liga, Premier League), more fully licensed teams, over 16,000 players and even 34 stadiums correctly printed on the program. As a cone version, you can earn trophies and achievements when you reach certain goals.
The gameplay technique matches the style and appearance of the computer version of the game, providing great convenienceuse and navigate the menu.

New touch controls
FIFA 14 also introduces a new type of touch, slide and touch based touch control. The idea is interesting, but it requires some skill to feel confident with the controls. To this end, the game includes great tutorials that explain how to use the new controls. If you’re not interested in touch control, you can control the game using the same methods as your mouse.
If you prefer the fun and old version, you can still choose it from the options menu. During our test, we feel better with this set of controls than with the new signal-based one.

Better picture, better sound
3D images are great, but not perfect. In fact, the engine is less efficient than the one used in the old FIFA 14. The graphics and player movement are slow, but the game doesn’t suffer too much. However, high liquidity and speed would improve the head. ”
The music on the menu is great but not new: EA takes care of all the FIFA soundtracks.
The sound effects during the matches are average but not much different from the previous version. Having feedback (in English, Italian, Spanish, but German and French) makes the game much more enjoyable.

FIFA is finally free!
FIFA 14 for Windows 8 is the EA version. The freemium mode allows you to play a free alternative to the popular football simulator release, and with some in-app purchases (Admin, Contest and Start), you can add depth to the game.
The default is still quite difficult, especially the Ultimate team with many players on the Internet. The tutorials are carefully thought out and accessible for every game situation.
New touch controls (or with the mouse) are a major issue for EA and have a huge impact on the game. Personally, I still prefer to play with the dome of fun, which I think is the best way to arrangeenjoy the game, but it’s just a matter of taste.
As mentioned, this version is only a download of the version released on Android, iPhone and Windows phones. It no longer shows any services that would appreciate the high power of a Windows 8 tablet or tablet.
Despite a number of restrictions on sound effects, some animations, and the awkward tempo, which is sometimes slow, this version of FIFA 14 for touch devices is pretty good and most importantly free.
Finally, the Metro / current version of FIFA 14 is ideal for those who use a laptop or for those who want a first-hand approach to the EA simulator. If you are a very active player, you should go directly to the most advanced and complete computer version of the EA simulator.

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